Scrapbook #2 of 3 - Special moments & people

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Scrapbook #2 of 3 - Special moments & people

12x12 scrapbook

My Dad -

DH & I's honeymoon - Cruise in the caribbean -

New Orleans - another caribbean cruise, but we got to stay a day in New Orleans (before Katrina). This is my most favorite page. I even took close up pics of the pictures to show the color. That's why I put them on black.

Disneyland in October - The candy corn is a letter "A".

DH & I -

Tubing in Clearlake (CA) -

Kelly Clarkson concert - surprise from DH for my birthday or anniversary -

Bestfriends -if you look at the photo of the 3 people. I'm on the left and Liz (LovePinkGotBlue) is in the middle -

Disneyland castle and fireworks -

That's it so far! Thanks for looking (again)! I will put my last book up in the next few days!

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those are great!!

I love the last one

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Those are all great!! That's neat that you and Liz are friends. Smile The first page with you and your dad is sweet. I like the border! And those New Orleans pics are treasures. That's what scrapbooking is all about.

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GREAT pages! I love the one of you & your Dad, Disneyland, and the best friends layouts! TFS!:D

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Awww, I just love them. I like the Disland ones especially, probably because I like Disney! Smile

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Those are really great! I love all of them.
That was a good idea putting the one of New Orleans on black paper to show off the colors of the photos.

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i LOVE that picture of you on the honeymoon page..the one where your looking away. I think that's one of the best pictures i've seen of you. Smile

I love the layout of you and your dad. i like the border

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very nice! I like the Disneyland page, that's neat how you did that diamond. Wink