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scrapbook dump

Anyone ever get there? I have so much to work on but just no motivation.

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sorry if your scrappin' mojo is missing. Hope it comes back soon!

I've been there. I usually download a new kit or see something someone else posted and it can get me going again.

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If I see Mrs. Mojo floatin' around, I'll send her your way. Wink Sorry you are in a slump. I hate that!

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I have that often. I either force myself to at least sort out the next set of pictures or I find something else to do and ignore scrapping for a day or two. It depends how far behind I am. I find that picking out the pictures is often a huge step towards getting my mojo back.

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I get that too, and it sucks! I try searching online galleries to see if inspiration hits.

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Been there done that. I really hate it. Usually galleries or will help me to snap out of it. But sometimes I just have to FORCE myself to get through a page and that will usually bring back my motivation.

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That's no fun. I hope you get going soon girl.

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I've had quite a few of those myself. I hope you get yourself out of it soon!

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I've been there too! I love doing the challenges, since it forces me to keep scrapping:)

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I am soooooo there! The pregnancy really threw me. Now that m/s is starting to let up a bit I am desperately trying to get my house back in order in time for a vacation and the holiday season. Then somewhere in there I need to plan for a new baby and scrap my son's life since Easter!!! Everytime I sit down to work on a layout I just don't have the creativity. I tried to force a couple and I just hated how they turned out. Trying to convince a friend to do a scrapbooking crop with me sometime in the next month or so.