Scrapbook for my mom...

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Scrapbook for my mom...

I did this little paper and chipboard album for my mom today. (White Out paper line...not sure what company) I love how it turned out!

I took pics of all the pages and then put them on one digital page for ease of viewing. I hope it isn't too little to see well.

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April, that is terrific! Your mom will love it!

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Great job, I love the colors.

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Great use of colors! I am sure she will ADORE it! TFS! You did a great job! Biggrin

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that's terrific! So bright and cheerful!:D

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Wow! She is really going to love it! The bright colors and shapes are so cheerful.

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Those are great! I love the layouts.

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That is great! She's going to LOVE it!

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That is really cute. I'm sure she will love it!