scrapbook train update (it's been sent!)

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scrapbook train update (it's been sent!)

Ladies...the good news is, I have the train all sorted...picked stuff out, put stuff in, took pics. The bad news is that I won't be able to get it sent out until Friday. Between our dishwasher needing to be replaced (had to wait for repair guy this morning and have to go shop for a replacement DW this evening), work Tues-Thurs, and rehearsals/services for Holy Week at church, I can't make it to the post office before Friday Sad So, it will be sent out that day for sure, since my parents will be in town and can help out with other stuff if needed while I take it to the post office Friday. Carrie, can you send me the next address so that I can get it out Friday? Thanks for the patience ladies Smile

ETA: here are the pics

What I took

What I put in

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yay! NO worries Lauren! THanks for updating!!

Sending addy now!

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Hey gals just wondering if it is too late to be added? Just cleaned out my sb room and I have a lot to add. If not I will sign up next time Smile

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i dont know where i am on the list, but im moving on thursday, so when its time to send to me let me know and ill give you the new addy Biggrin

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looks like lots of goodies!

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thanks to my parents for helping around the house with the dishwasher madness...I was able to get the train mailed off to Ashley today Yahoo there is delivery confimation so we know for sure that it makes it there Wink