Scrapbooking business?

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Scrapbooking business?

Do any of you make money with your scrapboooking? Either by selling premade layouts, or making custom albums or anything?

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I actually had someone offer me money to make a book for her son. I don't even know what to charge! Other than that, no. Smile

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a few years ago I sold a bunch of paper pages (pre-made layouts). They were for a fundraiser though so all the proceeds went to a local dog rescue Smile

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I would like to, but for digi there's a lot involved like copyrights, getting commercial use products, etc.

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I've sold cards on Etsy before, but 1. don't have enough time to make that many extra cards now and 2. it really wasn't worth my time and energy.

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I have made some and put them on ebay or on craigs list. The simple ones I put for 9.99 and the more detailed page I put up for 29.99 but it went for 40.00!!! I will look for the pics of the pages I made and post them. Also if you go on ebay look up premade scrapbook pages and put in highest amount to see what is selling. I don't sell anymore cause the paper piecing pages were the ones selling like crazy for crazy prices! good luck to you!