Scrapbooking - DIY Network on TV

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Scrapbooking - DIY Network on TV

Anyone else watch this program?

I've actually gotten a lot of ideas from it. I can be pretty plain Jane when it comes to my pages and sometimes I gotta get ideas from somewhere else (like here) to step outside my box! LOL You can also visit the website, go to "crafts", a tab at the top of the page and then go to scrapbooking from there. You can get more ideas and templates for pages.

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I keep meaning to check that out. But I'm not much of a tv person. I'll have to look at the schedule and see when it's on. I know I could benefit from it!

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I love watching it during the afternoons! Especially if Kayson is napping.

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I used to watch it all the time
I still try to catch it every now and again I love scrapbooking shows Smile