Scrapbooking Funk!

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Scrapbooking Funk!

UGH! I can't seem to get any pages going! I might do a couple things here, or couple things there, but I keep getting stuck. And it's making me waste time just sitting up here doing absolutely nothing. BLAH! I need to go find something productive to do. I think I'm going to go through my wedding photos and pick out the ones I want scanned so maybe I can start working on our wedding album.......oh, only 2 months short of 8 years. :eek:

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Going through photos usually gets me going on ideas. Also, a trip to your LSS might be in order. Hope you get productive soon.

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Nancy has a good idea there...go browse through your local shop or online. That always helps me!

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Awww, I hate that feeling of wanting to do something, but not the mojo to get it going.

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I added some pages for you to look at but also feel free to post your pics and ask idea's or even for a sketch I would love to make a sketch for you if you would like.

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Hope you can get your creative juices flowing soon.

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I've been in one too. I have only made 4 in the last 4 months....sad huh? I miss it but can't kick my butt into gear and create some pages. I am hoping a girls night of scrapping can get me going......

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I've been in a funk too, but its mostly laziness. I just havent bothered to go into the scrapbook room. I AM going to go in there tomorrow! I have so many pics and ideas, just too lazy.

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yay, Angie's BACK!

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Yay Angie!!!

Still no mojo here yet, no time and will have worked 48 hours this week, w/ 2 days of being up till 4 in the morning this week. I will have this Monday off, but I'm afraid I'll still be out of it.....blah!

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I hear ya! Im never over here when I dont do pages either, which is even worse :oops: cause Im just not even in the mood for scraping. It doesnt help when my "area" is all dissorganized and messy, cause then I would have to clean that first and really, who wants to do that Wink

I hope you get out of your funk soon. And me too Wink

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I'm just glad it's not just me. Maybe it's that time of the year for us. I have to get 6 pages made for a gift and I think I'm going to end up doing them the night before we leave at my mom's house... which means I have to drag my stuff 400 miles to do it... but at least someone will be there to watch the kids while I do it.