Scrapbooking Saturday!

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Scrapbooking Saturday!

LOL, but I can't share anything.

I completed 7 (cute!) cards.....all identical......5 of which are going in the card swap. (the other two are for friend's birthday's this week.)

And I made the layout for the Phone Tag game!

I wish I could share, because it's felt like forever since I've posted anything, but I'll just have to be patient. Smile

anyways, I really needed this scrap time! It's been so nice!

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Thats how I was when I did my phone tag lo, lol! I am sure they look great as well as your lo. Also I pmed you need your # again cause I lost it Smile

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I made a few things this past week but because I did them in a hotel, I STILL haven't gotten pictures of them- so in that regard, I totally feel your pain on not being able to share. I bet your work is awesome though and we WILL get to see them soon.

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whoo hoo on good scrapping! I can't wait to see them.

that reminds me, I need to get thinking on what I will do for the cards.

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Glad to hear you got some scrapping time Charys. I am so excited to see this scraplift project!!

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Glad to hear that you had some scrapping time. Can not wait to see what you actually did. When you can show us. Smile

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Well at least I got to see part of them Smile Neener neener neener! JK! lol. Glad you got some scrapping done!

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Lol So glad you got some things done. It must feel wierd not getting to scrap very often.

How is work going?

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We'll just have to take your word for it that I'm sure they're great!!! I wish you could share!