scrapbooking train?

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scrapbooking train?

has this started? Aja (catwmn00079) and I were talking and we have no clue if it's left yet, or where it's at or who's next. Can we get a sticky scrapbooking train update thread so that people know where it is and where it's going next?

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Stephanie was waiting on all the addresses to come in, so she could arrange it geographically. It's finally done, so we are starting today! I'm gonna start and send my stuff to Sadie. Stephanie will pm Sadie the next person's addy, etc.

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Charys, if you want to make and "official thread" I don't mind having it stickied, as long as you don't think we have to many stickies already Lol

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Oh, here is the current list and order:

(Please note, Charys and I are reserving the right to change this order or remove someone if they are not active posters.)

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Do I have enough posts to join? I can't receive pms but I can send them.

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Yes, MinaAriel, I had you down the first time. We probably missed you. Did you send mommys your address? If you PM it to her, we can add you.

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Please don't remove me!

I am a very active lurker and a sporadic poster but I will try to post more often.

Please and thank you Biggrin

And I will HONESTLY post a l.o. one of these days! I am so intimidated looking at all of the gorgeous work here...

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Don't worry! Lol We'll keep ya. Wink We just don't want people signing up then holding the stuff for a long time. In the birth boards sometimes it takes the mascot a year to go around because members do not send it on its way. It can make it no fun for the other girls participating.

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I am really excited for the train to arrive...........I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!! Biggrin

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ack, sorry, ignore this post Wink