Scrapbooking weekend with pics
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Thread: Scrapbooking weekend with pics

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    Default Scrapbooking weekend with pics

    So I scrapped Friday night and Saturday, and finished 16 pages. I am very happy with all but 3. The 3 were ones were I had too many pictures and just needed to get them down... It was a fun weekend. Kevin didn't wish me happy birthday on Sat. morning so I was pretty irritated starting out. I bought myself cupcakes to take, since I was betting on no bday cake from him. (I was right). The ladies at the crop sang happy birthday to me with the line "sorry your husbands a jerk" so that made me find humor in it. Why can't guys get "IT" and give us a card? I would have loved to see a crayon filled piece of paper with a happy birthday on it... Okay done whining!

    Here is what I accomplished!
    For Tia's class:

    The cricut was acting up when I cut these, so I doubled them to take away from the ripped edges.

    Theses are the pages I don't care for.

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    my photobucket is blocked at work so I can't see it. Sorry - but I'm sure it looks great!!

    I'm sorry DH was a jerk. I think it's the same way with all of them. DH doesn't get it either.
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    pickle in middle


    Wow you were busy!
    I love the colors and hidden journaling you used on the first one.

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    Boy you did get a lot accomplished. Sorry to hear about your DH. Sometimes they really just don't get it. I really like your 4th of July page! That's my fav!
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    Sorry your dh was a jerk - I've been there too, all I want is a card too and he never seems to notice. But you got a lot done, and they're great! I love the first one with the twine (rope?) on it!
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    ouch on the birthday thing...tell him he needs to find a way to surprise you and make it up to you when you are least suspecting it.

    You've done some great pages there! The doubled up butterfly look is nice
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    Shannon, you rocked girl! Wow....LOVE that first page and how it matches with the second. LOVE the zoo pages. Love the bits of me page and how the pics are arranged so skillfully. GREAT work! TFS

    And sorry about your DH, I think they just are on another planet sometimes.
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    So cool. I love the string and the tag on the first one.

    Sorry you DH wasn't very good. I have to tell my DH what to do I make it easy for him and have hime make me the same strawberry cake each year.
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    Ah, I'm sorry your DH didn't remember you birthday!!! Sorry girl!!!! Happy belated birthday friend!!

    And wowza! I can't believe how many pages you got finished. These are some of my favorites of yours' ever. Really love that first page. The raffia and hidden journaling (with the stars) is just perfect. I really love the Special Moments and 4th of July pages too. Great job!
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    WOW! You were busy. Sorry about dh on your bday but it looks like you had fun anyhow. I love the hidden journaling on the first page that is great! Also the title bits of yesterday is so sweet!

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