Scrapdesk updated with LOTS of pics

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Scrapdesk updated with LOTS of pics

Today the hubs and I spent the day on our back deck building my scrapdesk. I really love this desk at pottery barn but for the cost they can keep it. I came across a blog on how to DIY.

We were originally going to build it later in January but DH said since we didn't have anything planned for today or tomorrow we could do it this weekend. So we went today and bought the materials.

Ours is bigger than the PB desk. Ours is 3ft deep and 6ft long. I'll be able to stand at the desk and work or sit on a bar stool if I want. I took pics while we were building, sanding etc. I'll be scrapping those and I'll be doing a post on how to DIY and will also have a link to her blog.

Tomorrow we'll be painting it and I won't be able to use it for at least a week because I want the paint to cure for at least a week. I'm so exciting I can't wait to use it!

Here are pics up until what we have now. I decided to go ahead and paint tonight (at 10pm) and we'll need to do a 2nd coat tomorrow. You'll get a glipse of the room so far too.

The Before work pic

Putting the shelving together per box instructions

FIL holding the 1x4 to the side while DH got the nailgun

DH nailing the 1x4 to the MDF board

Me sanding the side of the 1x4

Putting the cabinet grade wood on the back of the book shelf to give it extra support. We had already sanded and painted the one side of this board

We predrilled holes and then put screws in

This is the underside of the top piece and you can kind of see the decorative trim around the edges

DH and FIL putting in pieces to add a little extra support

This is what it looks like through the shelving. I painted it to match the walls. I really like this part Smile

This is the desk set up in the room

We used wood filler to fill in all the nail holes

Then I sanded all the trim pieces where we put the wood fill so it would be smooth

Then we painted the first coat

And DH had to "drink" while painting ROFL

Still painting but you can see the desk from the door. This isn't the final position but you can really see how big it is

This is the underside

I'll do another post when it is completely finish in the spot it will be in. The good thing is we didn't secure the top to the shelving because we feel it is sturdy enough so if we have visitors we can take it apart quickly to set up the "guest bed".

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i cant wait to see it!!

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Awesome! Can't wait to see it!

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So excited to see it Kebrina and your instructions, I might have to try one.

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That is such an awesome desk! I can't wait to see yours!

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I can't wait to see yours! I think that 1000.00 is ridiculous for that desk to be honest, I think the desk is great and wonderful for scrapping, but that price is outrageous!

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I can't wait to see your whole room!!

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can't wait to see it! wasn't it you that posted about this desk earlier? I remember seeing it, I think it was you. Anyhow, I'm looking forward to seeing it, and the rest of your scrap room. Smile

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that looks great! I bet you are going to have to have so much fun filling it up and playing on it!

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OMG YOU ARE SO LUCKY!!! This is the first thing I am showing my dh when he wakes up. I will be like "Hey I put your coffee on the computer desk'' and your post will be up. lol Thanks for the step by step pics I loved them. So neat to see it from start to finish. Do you mind me asking around how much it cost you to make it? Can't wait to see all your things on it.

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The is THE coolest desk! I'm very impressed! Love how you both built it together. LOVE it!!!!!!

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that looks awesome!!! good job!!

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That is beyond awesome! How much did it end up costing you to make?

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Looks great! Maybe I can get my FIL to help me build one.... hmmm? Can't wait to see what you scrap on it!

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So cool. That is going to be an AWESOME scrap room. Glad you had the space and the time now to build it!

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Looks Amazing. I am so jealous. Smile

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Super job Kebrina!!! I want to do this someday soon!! THanks for sharing those pics. Smile

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I saw the pictures on Facebook, that's an awesome desk!

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Amazing!!!!!! Seriously impressed!

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For those that asked about the cost...Here is the breakdown

(1) 3/4" MDF board cut at Home Depot into 3x6 $24.14
(1) Cabinet Grade wood (on sale 1/2 off) cut inot (2) 35 7/8" $23.97
(2) Closetmaid 9 cube organizer at Target on sale $80.00
(4) decorative trim $17.34
(2) 1x4 $3.54
(2) 2x2 $5.94
1 Gallon Behr Ultra Premium white paint $33.98

Total for Materials: $188.89 vs. $1000+ for the PB desk Smile

We did have to buy additional materials like a sander, wood filler, "spatula", screws etc but we consider those "shop supplies" since they will be used again I can't figure it into the cost of the desk.

If you plan to make your own take into account your room size. You'll need the 3ft but you can make it shorter length wise. If I did it all over again I might make it 3x5.

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wowzers!!! awesome work Smile you make it look so easy! that is a great idea about not attaching it to the shelving so you can take it apart easily if guests come. good thinkin' Wink

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WOW!!! So cool!!:D:D:D That rocks! You need to scrap some of these photos Biggrin

I envy all your space Biggrin I have a desk (actually it's just a bog-standard table)...maybe I can get my hubby involved in building me the tall cupboard I want in my scrap room. All these posts to show him sure will help! lol