Scrapfest 09 (Pic heavy)

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Scrapfest 09 (Pic heavy)

So, today I went to Mall of America for Scrapfest 09. It was crazy. There were sooo many scrappers there. It was fun to look around and see all of the new product lines and watch the classes. I wasn't able to sign up for any classes because I had the fam with me and the lines for the make and takes were very, very long. Anyway, it was still great to see everything and I got some cool freebies for being there. After my hour of free time was up (sans family) I met my guys at the Nickelodeon Theme Park and got to hang with them a bit while TJ did his very first amusement park rides. I was impressed with how kid friendly it all was and surprised that it was really not very crowded. After a while, I got the chance to meet up with Andie for a short visit. Kaelen was really cute and in a good mood. Alex zonked out for most of the meet but he woke up right at the end. Alex looked like a giant compared to Kaelen but it was cool to see how similar they were as well. It was nice to chat with Andie and see that she is a real person. We made plans to maybe meet at Archiver's in the future for some of the cool classes that were offered at Scrapfest. Anyway, here are some pics.

This is a board showing all of the different class offerings. Some of these looked so amazing.

This is one of the crazy long lines for the make and takes.

Here are a couple of pics of the classes that were in session. I really want to do some of these next year. I think it would be well worth the extra money.

This is one of the make and takes.

Now for pictures of the meet. I'm not in any pics as I was the one taking them but Andie can vouch for me that I do, indeed, exist. Smile

And here is one of my happy baby just because I can

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That scrapfest looks SUPER cool!! I would have loved it too. And yay for a meetup. Both of your babies are darling. Smile TFS

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That looks so cool! Very neat that you two met each other. Thanks for the pics Smile

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FUN!!! Looks like you had a great time. That's awesome you two were able to meet!

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It was awesome meeting you Nancy, we will definitely have to go to an Archivers class together. Thanks for posting some pics, I have another one of our babies that I'll put up later. Alex is such a cute squishy baby, Kaelan enjoyed seeing him.

Oh and yes, you most certainly do exist Biggrin

I didn't really participate that much in the scrapfest activities either mostly because I had a bunch of shopping to do and Kaelan was with me. He was at the mall for almost 5 hours with me and only fussed (not cried) once when he got hungry. The make and take projects were pretty cool and definitely worth the admission badge if you do a few of them. The lines varied and I think got a lot better later in the day. It was funny watching the hardcore scrappers with their giant rolling crates/suitcases of supplies.

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ooooohhhhh!! that looked like a bit of heaven! Wink How fun!!!!

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"Andy1784" wrote:

It was funny watching the hardcore scrappers with their giant rolling crates/suitcases of supplies.

I know! Some of the ladies even brought their own chairs to wait in line. LOL

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Wow! That looks HUGE! I would love to go to Mall of America someday, just to say I did. And it would probably be good exercise getting around that huge place. Smile

That's so neat that you and Andrea got to meet up! The boys are both adorable. Smile