Scraplift alert!

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Scraplift alert!

Okay, so I totally scraplifted this one from Trina (slurpeegirl13).

The template is by Trina
All papers and elements are by veralimedesign as part of the "Fluttered" mini kit.

For some reason in Picture It, when I tried to replace the gray areas with photos, it thought I wanted to replace the whole white space (the negative space). I never got it to work just right for me, but I cropped all of the pictures into squares and put them over Trina's squares. Lol Not exactly what was intended, but it worked!

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Oh my goodness! ADORABLE!
I love all of her expressions!

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What a great page, Carrie! I particularly love the first picture on the top row (looks like a cute little sleepy smile) and the middle one on the bottom row (because I love goofy baby faces!)

Scout is going to get such a kick out of looking at that someday!

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That is adorable. I love the bottom right pictures Lol

It makes me want to scraplift it too, but I don't have half that many pictures in the same setting.

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That turned out great! I love it!

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I love it and am scraplifting it as well. I just need to find the time to do it.

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Great Page Carrie!

I still haven't found time to do my page with Trina's layout

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I LOVE these! These are the best! I loving seeing so many expressions!

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Very cute!!

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I missed this when I was on holidays - this is great, thanks for the scraplift! Sorry the template didn't work though, not sure why (I've never used picture it) ... Scout is so adorable - hard to believe she was that little now though, right? Smile

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what a great idea! I take a ton of pictures too, and a layout like this is great for capturing so many. Wink