Scraplift alert! I finally did a page

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Scraplift alert! I finally did a page

Credits to Trina (slurpeegirl13) I lifted the idea from her cheese page. This is Tyson not Damien. When he was born he was taken from me right away by ambulance and in return I got this poloroid. I thought great do they think he is not going to make it so they are giving me a picture? Well 2 hours after giving birth I signed myself out of the hospital to go be with Tyson. I did get to stay at that hospital but was only given a room. I had no care at all but it was worth it to be with him. Rather than having my newborn in my bed with me I had this picture and it is still my favorite picture of him.


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That is just beautiful! what a great story!

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absolutely beautiful page and even more beautiful story! wow!


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you need to journal exactly what you typed above, even if it's just under his picture. cause it's a great story. and I love the layout.

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Wow! I'm honored, this page is wonderful - and love the story to go with it as well. Thanks for scraplifting me!!! Smile

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You did her justice!! That page is excellent!! What a sweet, precious memory!!

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Great page!

And what a story about that picture!

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So, so so so sweet!! Beautiful lift!! And you made it your own Tia! Yes, you need to include that story...even if you write it on the back of the page. I journal a lot on the back of my pages, more for me than anything. Like that paper too. Smile