scraplift- dumb question

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scraplift- dumb question

So when you want to scraplift something, do you just make a mental note or do you actually print out/ save the picture onto your computer?

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I hit save as and put it under my pics so I can go back to it when I need to or I also sketch the idea in a book sometimes.

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Just depends. If I see something I may want to scraplift in the future, I save it. If I'm going to do it right away or if it is something simple, I don't bother.

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I just started saving them because there were so many I wanted to do but always forgot. Now I'm going to make a special photobucket folder for them.

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Thanks ladies!

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I have a special folder in my pictures that I save the photos to, so I can go back for reference. I'd so forget if I just remembered mentally. Wink

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i save them as well... i would never remember if i didn't! Smile

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I have a scraplift folder on my computer - the downside is that I don't store the original creator's name, so I don't always know who I'm lifting from. I also have a binder where I save pages from the magazines that have layouts and ideas that I want to use.

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I have a scraplift folder as well, and I label it with the person's name, so I know who I got the idea from. I have 'favorites' in all the online galleries I frequent, too, some of them are just there and not in my scraplift folder - BUT, I should really save them because if the owner deletes them, I'll never see them again!

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Same here, I have a folder on my computer called 'ideas' and I keep pages I like in there.