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Ok, so since I am so far behind, I have decided that I will definitely need to scraplift to get me kick started on DS' 2nd year album. For the most part, when I see a layout or idea that I like, I focus on a specific part and take liberties with the rest depending on mood and supplies. I've never really copied a layout so I have never been specific when I store my inspirational photos. If I see a layout I like whether here on the board, a website, or magazine, I have always just copied and saved the pic to my computer. Unfortunately, I never used a system for keeping track of where I got what. It never seemed too critical because I don't publish.

Well, now that I have started to look at my "scraplift" folder, I can not remember who originally did what. I realize that most people do consider scraplifting a complement but just in case, is anyone here offended by it? You can PM me if you want to be discreet. I see that some people are so good at listing all the products and sources they have used but I am no where near that good. My plan is to post a copy of my inspiration with my version. Is that enough? I am not trying to claim anything, I just need help and some of you have posted some beautiful ideas.

I'm just putting this out there to see if anyone has had issues in the past and what some concerns might be. I don't want to step on any toes.

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We are very informal on this board. We have never required that you credit anything. I've always considered this to be "just sharing with friends" and I don't worry much about the formalities. Some ladies on this board are wonderful and always give credit; I think that is fabulous. I especially don't think you need to worry about the type of scraplifting that you are doing unless it is from a layout on this board Wink

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I don't think anyone would be offended, I submit for publishing which is the only reason I keep track of credits so closely. I love seeing when someone scraplifted me, whether they give me 'credit' or not, I don't really care, I love knowing that I inspired someone to be creative!

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Like Trina and Stephanie said, when you're posting here, it's an informal bunch of friends.

I am so bad about keeping original packages, so I often don't know what brand they are! That is the reason publishing is intimidating to me. And I wouldn't mind one bit if you scraplifted something I did and didn't give credit. I am sure the others feel the same way.

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Great question!!! I was wondering the same thing and also wondering "how" to scraplift and I know. Smile

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Hey..I'd be honored if you scraplifted me! Smile

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If anyone wanted to scraplift from me, I'd be honored. Imitation is the highest form of flattery.

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I also have no idea who I'm scraplifting from most of the time. Smile There's a girl who used to post here all of the time, and I have several of her layouts in my scraplift folder. But I can't remember her name for the life of me, just that she doesn't post with us anymore. So if I do remember who I'm borrowing ideas from, I do mention it, but otherwise, I don't.

I have a huge binder filled with pages I've torn from my SB magazines with ideas. I'm about to do one right now. I love scraplifting and then making it my own. Wink

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"slurpeegirl13" wrote:

I love seeing when someone scraplifted me, whether they give me 'credit' or not, I don't really care, I love knowing that I inspired someone to be creative!

I totally agree!!!!