ScrapOrchard/Sunshine Studio Mega Kit - freebie until June 6th.

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ScrapOrchard/Sunshine Studio Mega Kit - freebie until June 6th.

ScrapOrchard and Sunshine Studio scraps are giving away a mega kit with a scavenger hunt in both their stores - they each have a portion of the kit, and you just have to find the clues in their stores ...

If you like scavenger hunts, go to their blogs, here to get the first clue:

(I just went to Sunshine Studios, and they're actually giving out the coupon code because their servers were overwhelmed - it's on their blog, here:

And just a couple of hints - to use the coupon codes, you have to be logged in to the store, and it's all CAPS...

If you're stuck on a clue over at SO, do a search in the store for 'Next Clue' and 9 of the 10 kits the clues are in will show up (I cheated, I know ...) It spells a word, and I was able to guess it after the 9 clues I found that way ...

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the scrap orchard code is posted publicly on the sunshine studio blog! Wink

Thanks for the hint about finding the clues!

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Okay, I got both of them. It was interesting doing a scavenger hunt. I'd never tried one before. I always thought it would be too hard.