Scrapped today!!! Woot, woot!! LOL

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Scrapped today!!! Woot, woot!! LOL

I had a few free hours today so I made one LO. I have had this picture out ready to scrap forever, but with me homeschooling three of them now, time is really short for me. Smile Plus I've had three training dogs here. I'm down to two dogs now, and one goes home Wednesday, so it will only be the one. BUT, I think my winters will be slow scrapping wise, due to all these kids here and school. But love this LO and am happy I ginally got this pic scrapped. Smile TFL!

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I love how colorful it is! Smile

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what a great the "School" elements like the apple, ruler, and the ribbon. that is cool how you have the pic matted on the ribbon. I like the inking around the ribbon (if that is, in fact, what it is)

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Looks great! I love the ruler!

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great page! i love the apple and ruler!

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What do you mean you don't have time! WinkLol

Great page. Adore the ruler! Cute idea!

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I agree...that ruler was a great element to add to the page! Very nice!

You are amazing...I don't even know how you found the time to scrap just this. :eek:

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You are homeschooling all of them already?!!! I'm homeschooling Andrea finally, but it is pretty relaxed so far.

Love that you made a page. It turned out cute. I love the apple.

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Yes Stephanie. I knew I couldn't do Griffin without her, so it's both of them and Austin. Luckily Austin works very independently...and the kiddos are only 3 days a week...and like Andrea, it's very laid back, preschool stuff. Smile what are you using for her?

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WTG, I love the ruler and the colors you used. I need more inspo to get myself going so thanks for posting this.

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Aww he is adorable Smile Cute page! I too love how you added a ruler Biggrin