The Scrappiness Continues

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The Scrappiness Continues

So much for getting any cleaning done this weekend. ROFL I wasn't feeling great, so I just sat around and scrapped. LOL Here are a few more pages. I did 10 more Christmas cards too, but I'm debating about using them for the swap, so couldn't share pics.

the Monkey cupcakes


I cut circles out of transparency for the "bubbles" and then highlighted with a white pen.

And I took and dipped the end of a marker into blue craft paint to create the sky blue dots. Lots of fun!

And I **really** don't like this page, but will post it anyways. I didn't even bother taking it outside to get a better pic...I just scanned it because it wouldn't make me like it any better. Smile

Sadie using her floss to connect things inspired me to try that with "Kayson". That is the only part of the page I like. :rolleyes:


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i know you said you don't like your decorations page but i LOVE it!! seriously, i really do! the colors, and the circles, and the 1 photo, i really think it looks great!

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i like the deco page!
and the bubble thing with the trans. paper is a cool idea!!

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Charys, the monkey cupcakes make me smile every time I see them. I love that you used black and white photos as well, that makes a nice affect. I like that last page just fine, what do you no like about it?

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Wow Charys. You always have the most fantastic ideas. The bubble one is ADORABLE! I would have never though to do the bubbles like that with the transparency and pen. Way to think outside the box Wink
Love the last one too. Really. The circles are really nicely done and I love the way you strung the name together.

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I agree with everyone else! I love the last page:) The cupcakes (and page) are super cute as well!

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I love them all! The deco page is GOOD!!!!!!

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I think they are great:cool: The monkey cupcakes are too cool and look awesome next to b&w pics...and I LOVE the memory you've captured in the second page. That bottom pic of him is too adorable. What a swetheart Smile

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Wow, I really like it all. Beautiful work! Even the decorations page!

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Your work is always amazign Charys. I love all these pages and feel like I was at the party. Great job.

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Thank you all! It makes me feel better that you guys like the page. Maybe I need to look at it fresh. I guess it turned out nothing like I had anticipated, which probably ruined my chance of liking it. LOL It's not one thing in particular, it's just the whole page.

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OMG love them!!! Don't get me wrong I love your cards but I think we kinda scrap the same so I am always waiting for your pages to be posted!!! Great idea with the bubbles and I am going to buy that quote stamp asap.

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Thank you Tialee! I love your style, so that's a compliment. Smile

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They are all perfect. I especially love the last one. The one you aren't fond of. I like the simplicity of it. Your choice of colors are great!

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oh, those are all wonderful. I want to eat one of those cupcakes, why must you live so far away?! the bubbles page is super cute, love how you used transperencies! And you're silly, the decorations page is great!!!!!

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Those are great - I really love the cupcake ones!