Scrapping again

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Scrapping again

Other than the challenge pages, I've done a couple pages. I thought I'd share. Happy to be scrapping again!

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Cute, cute, cute! Those pics make me long even more for summer. I love them both. TFS

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hooray for scrapping again!

the berry picking cracked me up ... cause that's what it was like when I took Jack last year. Andrew was good at picking though.

and your veggies are great! is Andrea eating a tomato? my kids would never do that (neither would I, just not a tomato girl). love that you captured her eating the fresh garden bounty.

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love the colors of the first one and the use of the picture in the background of the main part of the page. the second one is great with the colors that coordinate with the veggies.

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Thanks ladies!

Yep, she was eating a tomato. I was a little shocked myself. I would never just bite into a large tomato, but I guess no one ever taught her that wasn't normal Wink Dave was just saying yesterday that he can't wait to have a garden again (although he will spend all summer harping on me to keep it weeded!)

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Love that she will bite into a tomato like that. Smile Cute layout!!!