Scrapping has been on the back burner! OT

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Scrapping has been on the back burner! OT

Well scrapping has been on the backburner for awhile now!! Now that school is out I'm constantly breaking up fights between my older 2 and trying to keep them busy doing stuff so they won't fight. Trying to potty train Kaylee and its not going anywhere. Dh's job is messed up right now, I'm going for an interview on friday, I may become the breadwinner for the family and he will be the stay at home parent. Life has been very stressful lately. And I now have to get to work crocheting 2 baby blankets, my sister found out after an er visit last night that she doesn't have an etopic pregnancy like she thought but she's having twins!!!
Hopefully I will get some scrapping done sometime so I can share!!!

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whoa that's a lot going on! Congrats to your sister! My scrapping has been on the back burner too. I finish my work in three days for summer so I have lots of crapping planned then.

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Wow! That sounds like a lot of stress! I hope everything works out in the job department. Congrats for your sister! That is a huge shift Lol

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holy cow, Christy, things sound insane there! hope that DH's job situation has a good ending. that seems very stressful. and I hear ya on the fights, I'm dealing with the same thing here (and potty training is totally out the window, I'm having nap battles instead).

so I'm with you on the back burner (except I'm actually going to a crop night tonight).

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Wow, you have a lot going on! Good luck with the job situation! Congrats to your sister on the twins!

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You are super busy. CONGRATS to your sister! I hope things go well from now on.