Scrapping with Keeran (dd) last night

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Scrapping with Keeran (dd) last night

I worked on my hearts challenge LO last night and Keeran decided she wanted to scrap with me. In fact, she saw me pulling out my 12x12 papers to begin and got so excited saying "you're going to use THAT?" really loud and excited like. I LOVE it! She sat with me for two hours while I worked on this LO. I gave her a box of a 365 page a day calendar I got YEARS ago. And then I gave her a pile of scrap, printed on one side, paper, and a glue stick. She sat there the whole time cutting out pictures out of those papers or even gluing the whole paper on those scrap pages. I did let her cut a piece of ribbon to use too. She kept telling me how much she loved doing it and thanking me. What a great blessing!!! I love having a little girly girl soooooo much!! Such a gift from God. Thanks for letting me share this pic too. Smile

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so cute! Nathan will "scrap" with me on occasion...sometimes it is more work and less scrapping for me, but it is definitely fun to share that crafty time with our little ones.

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I love it!!! I'm glad she had such a good time. Smile My girls like to work with me too, but I find it really hard to really work on a layout when they want to do their thing. They love using my tools, especially the embosser. I can't believe how much Keeran has grown! And look at her hair! I remember when she didn't have any. Wink

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That is so sweet! She is a doll! And look at her little pose. Love it! I have to say I am very impressed that you actually got your layout done at the same time! Lindsay likes to help me organize my supplies. Ha! Last time she helped that meant getting out all of my cricut carts and the overlays and the books from their boxes and stacking them in little piles all over the room. Lol I should get her a little kid friendly glue stick like you have there so she can go to town all by herself! I don't know why I never thought of that. She likes my tape runner but that would just end in disaster I think! LOL. And I have the same page a day calendar I could donate to her stash of crafty stuff! Smile

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How adorable!!! Looks like you'll be scrapping a lot more now! Biggrin

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Awww, so sweet. Love it. Love that you ended up having a girl to share this with. That picture is adorable. You are looking great and she is looking more and more like you Smile

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Thanks for all the kind words. Yes, she is getting so big...I too remember when she didn't have any hair. Smile She is such a joy!

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Aww, what a cutie. I'm looking forward to making memories like that with my own kids some day. Right now DS just takes stickers and puts them on anything and everything.

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absolutely lovely Biggrin She is gorgeous and what a blessing indeed Biggrin I am hoping Brandon wants to scrap a little with me, like Austin did with you Wink

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Yes, Austin did scrap a bit back in the day didn't he? Now I have to force him to make a thank you card. Sad Oh well.

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Carrie she is just so beautiful! She looks like she could be one of the little girls on the Welch's commercial. U need to scrap that pic!