Scrapping therapy...

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Scrapping therapy...

Don't know if you remember me....
I introduced myself in January, and I was planning on hanging out here and getting lots of scrapping done while I was on bedrest for my twin pregnancy... Here's my introduction thread.

Well, the boys were born 15 weeks early, before bedrest was even supposed to start. You can read lots of details about them on my blog. Here is the first post about them; it has all their birth stats, etc.

Anyway, I've been on quite an emotional roller coaster as you can imagine. The hospital social worker asked me if I have a hobby I can use for "me time" and even mentioned scrapbooking as good therapy. Smile I was thinking, "I am way ahead of ya!".... But I don't know how to find time for it right now. I have a 2yo at home and two hospitals to visit when I do have someone watching him (one twin got transferred for surgery)... and it won't get any easier to find time when the boys finally do come home!

How do you find time for scrapping with little ones in the house? I need to get organized first, but I need time to do that... sigh

Any tips?

Gotta run, as usual...


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Rita! Good to see you here. I've just started here myself. (I know you from the June 2008 board where I used to be. I have always kept up with the ladies on there and check out posts on how J and M are doing all the time. They're looking so great! :D) Since I'm new myself I'd say the only advice I have is to maybe set a goal of finishing one page at a time and just doing it when you feel up to it. Don't let it become another thing on the list of things you "have" to get done. Hope to see some pages soon!

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Hi Karen! Thanks! I thought I saw a couple of "familiar faces" over here Smile
One page at a time is definitely a good idea.
I just really need to get some things organized and rearranged around here, then I could try to do a little when I can't sleep or during R's nap.

I think I am mostly frustrated because I am supposed actually have a craft room (with a lock... where i could leave a project sitting to work on as I can)... when/if we can ever get situated, and I just don't feel like it is ever going to happen.
We are buying this house from my parents and we've all been living here. By the time I went on bedrest, they were going to be moved out... we would have the master bedroom, our current room would become my craft room, another of their rooms is to be the nursery, and the den (storage right now) will become a playroom, so that the living room can be a living room instead of a huge mess! ...These babies are going to be coming home to a wreck of a house.

This year has been crazy so far... everything seems to be going wrong. Early Jan, doctor told us my grandma had 4-6 weeks to live, and they were right. Mid Feb, she passed away... and then there was the funeral planning, family visiting from out-of-state, and somewhere in the midst of that, my mom had a heart attack. Then my water broke...

I am just an emotional wreck right now, sorry to vent here... I think I just needed to vent right now and it came out as a scrapbooking topic because I was looking through old pics of Robby and wishing I had time to do something with them! And of course wanting to take the social worker's advice to use this hobby as an outlet and scrapbook about the twins...

I'm going to try to go get some sleep now...

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Ill admit- I went to digital- it was faster and I got more acomplished without having to put everything away- pull things out- etc, etc.

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Hello and welcome back! Your twin boys are so handsome and precious. I loved reading your story. It made me get teary eyed. Pop in whenever you get the time.

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Rita - your boys are beautiful! My son was a 29wk preemie so I really understand the need for some down time. Honestly, I didn't get much scrapping done in those early days, but once Walt came home and we settled into a routine I started scrapping during naps and after he went to bed. I also do digital so that is a lot easier need to pull stuff out and put it away.

I made a NICU scrapbook (we were there for 4 weeks) and wrote down kind of a daily journal of all that happened. That was really theraputic for me. And now I am really glad that I have it, because even though it seemed like an eternity at the time, now just a year later the details are all very fuzzy...

I'll be thinking of you - hang in there, it will get better. :bigarmhug:

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Welcome back! What a strong mommy you are, you have lots on your plate right now. When will your little ones get to come home?

Honestly, I digital scrap and love not having the mess, but it is not for everyone.

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Glad you are able to check in. :bigarmhug: You do have a lot on your plate. Your family will be in my thoughts and prayers.

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Thanks Ladies,

Digital is so tempting, but I have soooo much "stuff" for paper scrapping that i need (and want) to use.

Kristen- I'd love to see your NICU pages if you don't mind sharing

Stephanie- They say around their original due date or a couple weeks before, so early-mid June, but... it also depends on when they are able to have their surgeries, so i really have no idea

Thanks again...

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My NICU book is actually paper - I will pull it out tomorrow and take some pics in good light!

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I hope you are getting everything straightened out. A lot of the ladies seem to have luck with making kits for their layouts. You just put paper, embellishments, and pics into a page protector and so you have it ready to go when you get free time. Also, I really like the journaling idea. It is something you can do while you are visiting them and you will know that it will be serving a scrapbooking purpose. When I am not scrapping in my spare time, I am usually doing something that will facilitate a scrapping page like taking pictures, reading, web surfing, or shopping.

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I was a digi-scrapper until my DD was born; DH bought me a digi program for Christmas and I LOVE it!!! It's great to be able to scrap with out the mess.

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So glad that everything turned out OK and you should DEFINITELY take some time to yourself to get some scrapping in!