Scrappy Saturday June!

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Scrappy Saturday June!

In the card is the journaling about E's great grandpop being ill but so happy to see her

I saw envelopes with "10 things" journaling strips at Michaels... decided I could do that myself:

I think this is my fav:

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Cute, cute, cute! Love all that colorful paper that you use, and brilliant thinking on those journaling strips. Neat way to make use of them too. TFS

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Sooo cute!! LOVE the colors on the last one!

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awesome!!!!!! I'm loving all of the bright colors. and so jealous that you got so many layouts done already this month. *sigh* I'm so far behind!

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love the paper on the 3rd one and the oval shaped pics on the bath one. Awesome work!

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You got so much done! My favorites are the bath, I think. Good job.