Several new pages! :)

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Several new pages! :)

I've had a busy week scrapping! Seems like all the designers I CT for are gearing up for Digital Scrapbooking Day (Nov. 7th), and they all produced a whole bunch of kits, which I got to play with Smile

My bff's little guy - and to answer your question at GS, Carrie (Princess Leia) - he is 4 months older than Kaitlyn Smile And yes, there may be a match there! lol

Vancouver Aquarium - from when we went this summer

Frosty Fun - my Nephew a couple years ago Smile

I think this is my favorite of the bunch

And Kaitlyn's first kiss (another potentional 'match' lol)

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Very nice pages! I love the first kiss one it is too cute

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I love them all! Question: Do you print these off and put them in an album?

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"SnowWhite9028" wrote:

I love them all! Question: Do you print these off and put them in an album?

Yes Smile Not as often as I should, so it costs me a bunch when I do it, but I love seeing them printed.

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These are all great! LOVE how the pages of the first one bend in and the placement of the title is perfect. I also love the cherish one, they are all great though Trina. TFS

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I was just about to scrap but I came on here first to see if you posted anything new. LOVE them all but the 1st is my favorite!!!

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what adorable LO's the kiss one is just too cute!!

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Fabulous as usual Smile Love the first kiss one too. Too cute!

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girl, you turn out more pages than anyone I know! Wink but they're great! I really adore the first one, and what a neat kit!

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