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Sewing Machine

on my list for Christmas is a Sewing Machine. 1 is mainly for cards...i love how lots of you use stiching on your cards and I want to do that too. 2. is I'd love to make some of my own purses and DH probably would too (so I save money).

Here is my dilema. On Black Friday at Target is a Singer Quick Fix sewing Machine. It is on sale for $34:eek:

So would this one work for my intentions...or should I get a different one? What would you recommend?

Please keep in mind that I have NEVER used a sewing machine.

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It would work for the cards, but I'm not sure how well it would do for purses. It doesn't look like it would handle heavy duty materials well but not having seen the manual or tried it I'd be hard pressed to say for sure.

It's certainly a very beginner looking machine and I like the Singer name... but I don't currently have a sewing machine either right now so take that with a grain of salt. (I had an OLD Singer but couldn't afford the upkeep of constant repairs. I now play with my mom's machine, and only with fabric projects. Her's is a high end Singer though, which honestly is more complicated then a light hobby sewer like me really needs.)

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I don't know anything about it ... but I wouldn't go with a really low end machine. I have a Brother that I got from for $120 about 18 months ago. It's a great machine, and I've sewed a lot of diapers with it (so it's gone through some layers!).

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I have a Brother now and I've had a Singer too. I prefer the Brother for sure. Here's my 2 cents about sewing machines. If you are not an experienced sewer, you need one that you can control the speed on. My Singer that I learned to sew on was not able to slow down enough for me to have control of it. I thought for the longest time that I would never learn to sew. Then I took a sewing class to make children's clothing and the lady let me use her machine and I was AMAZED at how much easier her's was. You probably wouldn't notice much with scrapping b/c for the most part you're just sewing a border or what not but with purses or anything that needs to follow a pattern, its huge! Once I got a good machine, I could control it. HTH!