Sewing question (OT)

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Sewing question (OT)

I know there is a sewing board, but it is completely empty and it seems no one looks there, so I am posting here, since I know there are a few of you also sew.

I just got a new sewing machine, it is a Brother CE-5000PRW

I am sewing burp cloths with one side cotton print and the other side flannel.

I have been having problems getting my tension right, because I was getting loops and just straight thread, but I think I got that working, but now my straight stitches are not really straight. Sometimes they are but then it will have them off like back and forth (not really zig/zag) but the whole stitch is shifted and then it shifts back, etc. I don't know if I am explaining it well, if you need a picture, let me know and I will try to get one.

Anyone have any ideas what to do to fix it?

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Not sure I really know exactly what you are talking about but it sounds like maybe your fabric is slipping (which is easy to do with 2 types of material). Did you pin them? I always try to skip that part b/c I'm trying to hurry but if one fabric is slipping some it may cause it to pull the stitching.

Other suggestion is try adjusting your feeds on the bottom maybe. It may be pulling the bottom fabric harder than the top. Not sure if any of those help you.

Can you try to sew 2 like fabrics together and see if they sew straight? That would let you know if its your fabric combo that's causing it.

Where did you get your machine? If you got it at a sewing store I would take it in and let them see if your tensions are good.

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I got the machine at Walmart.

I am pinning my fabric together. I haven't sewn much with it, but I did sew together some cotton with terry cloth to make burp cloths and it didn't do this as badly as it is now.

Sometimes the stitches are just off, and sometimes its actually loose like it didn't pull the stitch through all the way.

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Is your pressure foot down and adjusted correctly? That sounds like what happens to me when I forget to put the pressure foot down.

My steps for trouble shooting are always rethread the machine top and bobbin. Then I always turn my machine off and back on again.

Is there a troubleshooting in the handbook? Sometimes they have answers, but usually not. Wink Good Luck, I hope you get it figure out.