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Shannon (Avalon321)

Last night I dreamed we got to meet IRL! I went to your house and you had this cute painting on Karl's bedroom walls. LOL! Biggrin It was of a blue sky, clouds, trees, etc. You were just as sweet IRL as on here. Kayson and Karl were having so much fun running around and playing together.

We were talking about going out for hamburgers together when I woke up.

Just had to share!

Oh and I love the Taggies layout you posted in the Check-in thread!!!!

ETA, considering that's probably the first dream I've had since having Cohen, it's pretty funny. He hasn't given me enough deep sleep until last night.

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Too funny! I wish it were real, it would be fabulous to meet you IRL:)

I'm glad you got some sleep last night.

I love the taggie LO too, now if only Karl would cooperate so I could get a new picture to fill the blank space:)

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Now I want a Nitty Gritty burger. LOL

Gosh it would be fun if we all could meet up sometime.