Sharing a Halloween layout....I think

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Sharing a Halloween layout....I think

I am not even sure this can be considered a scrapbook page. But I wanted to do something with the Halloween pictures of my parents from this year. Well, I started out with an idea and the page just sort of took on a life of it's own. Why do so many of my pages do that? ha

Anyway, I had a blast making it so I wanted to share...

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Those are great pics. Your parents will love it!

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That's cute and your parents are too!

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oh, that is so cool!!! I love how they dressed up, and the page is terrific!

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That is too cute! They will love it! Biggrin

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thats great!
how cute that your parents dressed up Smile

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I'm sitting here laughing! It's sooo cute! I bet they love it.

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Oh what a fantastic page. I love it.

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That is amazing! YOu come up with the most amazing pages. They will love that.

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I love it!!! It fits perfectly with their outfits... I am sure they will love it.

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What awesome costumes! I really like what you did with the layout. Smile