Sharing - I kinda went crazy - Older Ones

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Sharing - I kinda went crazy - Older Ones

I got to taking pictures of my old stuff and kinda went nuts. lol I figured as long as I was taking pictures and uploading them, I might as well make it worth my while Blum 3

So, there's a ton, but here goes. Oh, and sorry for the picture quality, it was so hard to get pictures of them! I'll have to figure out a better way for the future.

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And... here are some of my newest ones

I cut a hole in the sleeve for this card to open up...

and the inside...

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awesome pages


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Great pages. I love so many of them. The big girl bed is really cute. Overall, you do a really nice job of using multiple papers and colors really well.

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Shana, those are great!! I did the same thing you did! When I found this board I shared all the pages I've done, so it's cool! Smile Keep it coming!

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I love them all! I'm so glad you found our board, as you give me inspiration for trying more than 1-2 pics on a pg. Very nice work!

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Thanks! I love doing this, I had no idea when I started I would get so excited about paper lol

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wow, you do great work! I love seeing them all, I couldn't pick a favorite if you asked me to! I love how you did the ribbon with the eyelets on the shhhh page. Do you have the Cricut markers? I'm guessing yes. I have the black/brown, bought the colors today with my 50% off coupon. Wink

I think that your pages are going to be a good inspiration for me (i.e. I'm putting some in my scraplift folder for sure!). I use a lot of pictures of my pages, it's nice to see someone else doing the same. Wink

So glad you shared so many!

Think you will enter the mini challenge that ends on Thursday?

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No, I dont have the markers, I've wondered about getting them though. How do you use them on your pages/elements? I love love love my Cricut though!

Thanks so much for the compliments. I would not be where I am if it weren't for my IRL scrapbooking friends. I have attended one crop and loved it but what I do sometimes is go to my favorite SB store and copy their LO's they have showcased on the walls. I just make little sketches and pull them out when I need them.

I also just got at Christmas, the Bazzill Blueprints program:

And, the computer software for the Cricut:

I haven't gotten to use my Design Studio yet but I really like the Bazzill Blueprints, it really neat.

Wow, I've really rambled on! LOL

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Great pages. Thanks for sharing. Lots of new ideas.

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Those were awesome!! TFS

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Great lo's you do great work!!!

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You kick some butt woman! Those are awesome pages! I love how you used brads on the letters. You really enjoyed looking at those.

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"sadieruth" wrote:

I love how you used brads on the letters.

They were actually sticky dots. Much easier to use than brads Wink But, brads would be a great idea too, I'll have to try that! Blum 3

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It looks like you used the markers, you must have outlined your letters with ink or something. Wink The markers are awesome, I'm about to post my entry for the mini challenge, and I used the markers on that one.

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I just used the shadow function on the Cricut. I cut the letters first from the pink paper and then used cream paper for the shadow function and layered them. Biggrin I'll have to go check out your lo!

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WOW! Awesome work, lady!!! I've seen several ideas to mark for my scraplift folder already. Smile