Sharing my bfp page...

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Sharing my bfp page...

I ended up going with growing. I liked your guys' ideas about "Our Miracle" etc but I also liked it as "baby L____" so I just kept it at that. I hope it makes sense Lol Now I need to find an album!

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I am so happy for you it gave me chills reading your journaling!! That's a precious page!!! Love the colors and photo corners!

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love it love it love it

so very you

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How sweet! i LOVE the page and the colors!!! Biggrin I can't wait to see more!

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P.E.R.F.E.C.T! I love everything about it! CONGRATS again! I had to tell Randall about you and how excited I was. Wink

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Awwww, perfect!!!!

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I love it!! It looks great!!! (of course, you got your Kraft paper in there.. haha..) You are on a roll! Make sure you take belly pics so you can scrap those too! I can't wait to see your upcoming pages of your new precious baby on the way!

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i love it!!! especially the journaling.

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That is totally cute!

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that's a wonderful page! so great that you captured this time for you guys and the baby. Wink

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I think it looks great! I can't wait to see more as you go through your pregnancy! Congrats! I now have someone to live through LOL...I have baby fever BAD! and my son is only 8 months old! LOL

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Perfect page, I love the colors

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I love it!
That's what I plan on doing when I finally get my BFP, too Wink