Sharing my excitement!!!

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Sharing my excitement!!!

I got my Cricut today!!!! I got the Expressions since it was only $100.00 more. And I also bought 2 carts and the tool case set. I've been playing around with it and I love it. Oh I love tax refunds, lol. Now were about to go out and get some kind of shelf to store it on, I have no room for it.

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WOOHOO! A cricut - and the EXPRESSIONS to boot! I'm having a case of cricut envy!

Which cartridges did you get?


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that's awesome!!!!!!! you're gonna love it! can't wait to see the fabulous things you do with it. Wink

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I am getting a regular Cricut with my refund....hopefully! *fingers crossed!* Can't wait to see what you come up with! Biggrin

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Enjoy it!

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HOORAY!!!!! I'm so happy for you! The Expressions too! Can't wait to see some LO's.

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Thanks, I'm so excited.
It came with plantin schoolbook font and I bought Alphalicious and Jasmine.

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Sweet!! You're gonna love it!!! (i got the regular cricut and thought that I wouldn't need anything bigger than that to do my letters/designs from) I'm wishing I would have just bought the Expressions.. grr... Can't wait to see your masterpieces!!

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Congratulations on your tax return! I am anxiously awaiting mine to see what I get to spend. And yay for the cricut! Have fun with it!