sharing my newest lo's**ETA another!**

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sharing my newest lo's**ETA another!**

I have done two more, but I am getting ready to start on another least I think I am! Lol

I don't remember who I stole this idea from, but I had to! I was already planning a "cousins" page, when I saw this. Super cute idea! I know it was for the "give a little love" challenge.

And this is just a simple one I made today. I made this collage for her on her 1st b-day. I don't know if it's my favorite page, but I do like it.

Here is the one I made from tonight! The "story" behind the pics- I plan on taking a pic of her every year in my dress to watch her grow up in it!

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those are great!! love how you're using all different patterns and papers and they match so well!! Smile

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Very cute. I really like the first ones. The colors are really nice.

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What a wonderful idea with the dress! Those pictures are going to be priceless when she grows up!
The pages all look fabulous. You always pick out the best kits to use. I love the green/purple combination on the cousins one. The friends/cousins wording looks better the way you have done it with the cut out letters than it did with the digital font. Very nice!

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those are great Smile

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Those are great!! I love the last lo, very sweet.

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i love the dress idea!!!! great job!

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All three are so cute, but my favorite is the last one with the wedding dress! What a great LO idea and she will really love those pics when she's older! Great job girl!

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Oh, I love those!!! your use of color and patterns is great. and what a great idea with the dress!!!! cute pictures of it too. Wink

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love the added layout.. that is sooo sweet!!! Smile you are one creative scrapbooker Smile