Sharing some calendar pages...

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Sharing some calendar pages...

I am almost done with my artscow calendar that my mom wanted to give everyone for Christmas. Ooops... :rolleyes:

I guess it's sorta like digi-scrapping, and I used some digi freebies in a few places... (if you want to know what something is, I can probably look it up! lol)
so anyway, I thought I'd share. CC welcomed... I think some of them are too busy, but I was also trying to get a lot of my mom's requested photos onto the pages.

Need to finish: the cover, Jan, Feb, May, June, August, Sept.... (hmmm... did I say I was almost done? I guess I'm less done that I thought:confused:)

March: (I guess I should mention for those who don't know... My twins were born over 15 weeks early. In the lowest pic on the right half, that is DH's wedding ring around M's wrist.... I really want to actually SB these pics one of these days!)






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these are great. It's really cool to see the time progression of Robby and the boys.

great job

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that looks great!!

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I agree, so cool to see them growing. And that pic with the wedding ring is PRICELESS. Nice work. TFS

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Those are all great, I wouldn't change anything! Your twins are so adorable, I can't imagine having dh's ring around a baby's wrist (I have a friend who had a baby girl at 23 weeks pg in October, I saw the baby when she was 1.5 lbs, I couldn't believe how small she was!).

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what a great idea! love how you're doing a progression with your calendar. and that rockin' Christmas is too cute!

I can't believe your DH's wedding band on Matthew, that's just wild. And they're growing so good!

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I love following your blog and seeing your boys grow up! They are just too sweet. The Christmas (Dec.) layout/calendar page is my favorite, but I love them all! Really, I don't think they're too busy, because these are calendar pages, rather than scrapbook layouts.

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I love them! Its amazing how little the boys were! I like the first one the best I think! And the rockin christmas one Wink

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I remember this summer when we were matched with premature twins reading all about your little men. They are so handsome. You did a great job on all the pages but I especially love the top pic on the Nov. page. They look like they are posing for the camera. The guitar pick & fuzzy boots is great too! TFS

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The pictures are beautiful and the pages look great! I don't think it's too busy at all. I personally love full pages so I think they're amazing!

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thats just great!!!

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Rita, those are great! It's great to see some of your work and I can't believe they will be one in just a few months! They've grown soooo much!!! You really picked some great pics of all three boys for the calendar. Great job!

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Especially on a calendar, full pages are great. So many memories from a previous year. I like these a lot. You did well with the suggestions, etc.

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I LOVE the progression the pics show! It's a really neat way to look forward to the months ahead, but also see how far all three boys have come!

TFS. I need to pop back onto your blog to read some updates. Smile

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Beautiful work Rita! I have loved watching your babies grow! I still can't believe that they are almost 1!!!!! Where has the time gone? You really need to come visit us on the June board. We all miss hearing and seeing pics of your boys.

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Thanks so much ladies... I promise to share the rest when I finish them Smile

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Wow Rita they are one already! Your boys are all so cute!

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Those are sooooo good! I love the first one and the Halloween one! You did a great job!