Sharing some of my work...

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Sharing some of my work...

I've only posted a couple of times but I'd like to join in and I thought I'd post some examples of my work so far. I'm relatively new at scrapbooking...I've done a dozen or so pages. Please excuse the flash in some of the photos....not sure how to turn it off on this camera...oops!

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Glad you bumped these! I lurk a lot and have two babes in my arms and can't reply!

I think you do a really good job!

I like the way you have the strips at the bottom (or top) of some of the pages...especially LOVE that ornament paper at the bottom of the last layout, and your little ornaments that you journaled on...


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How did I miss this awesomeness?! So happy you joined us!! :::::doing happy dance::::
Love the hearts on that first layout! What a pretty wedding you had....and you were a beautiful bride. The U Otta be in Pictures layout is fantastic! TFS these with us.

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These are awesome! I really like how you use yellow. I have boys and I get so tired of blue so yellow is a good alternative. I love the "I'll Love You Forever" layout. That book makes me bawl every time!

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I love your layouts! The poems and words you have chosen are lovely and really fitting. Good to have you! Smile

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Welcome!!! Your work is great! I love how simple it all is yet captures some very special memories! TFS with us and I hope you stick aroudn and share more.

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You have some really nice LOs there. I love the "You otta be in..." one the best I think, love thefilmstrip frame. I love that the wedding ones were kept simple, the photos really need to be the focus for such a big event and I think you pulled it off really well. Your wedding looks beautiful BTW.


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lovely! My fave is the last one cute! Biggrin Welcome to the board!

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welcome!!! nice pages, can't wait to see more!

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Your layouts are GREAT! For your first time scrapping you have done a wonderful job!

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Wonderful layouts! So glad you are here and sharing with us!