Sharing some pages :)

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Sharing some pages :)

I finished this one lastnight Smile And I used a KIT I got as a freebie. hehe

And this one is a little bright but I made the film strips myself and the backgrounds too. I didn't make the flowers and the font of course but everything else is made by me Blum 3

I made the backgrounds for these ones and the paper shaper there in the corner Smile

thanks for looking!

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Awww, they are really cute. I love all of them, and the papers you made turned out great.

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those are cute, I love the bright colors!!

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So cute!! My fave is the second one. I love the film strip and the journaling! Great job!

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I love them all and I hope you don't mind if I scraplift the first one. TFS and she is sooooo stinkin cute!!

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What is scraplift? lol

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so cute....

great job

just realized your siggy... It's a BOY!!!

Congrats... bet your excited

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"sweetalienchick" wrote:

What is scraplift? lol

A scraplift is where someone uses all or part of an idea in your layout. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

I love the bright colors and the mirror layout is my fave. So cute.

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those are fantastic! I need to learn how to make backgrounds (yeah, add that to my INSANE list of things to do!) but really, I think those are great! and the mirror mirror pictures are adorable!

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those are cute Smile