Sharing some pages

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Sharing some pages

I know it's been a million years since I shared any pages here and I hate that. I thought I would share my last three and if anyone wants to see anymore here is the link to my gallery:

Thanks for looking!! Smile

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You are so talented Kelly. Your style is one of my all-time faves. These pages are all just amazing! That first page melts me. And I so wanna try to recreate that second page. Just soooo sweet.

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Oh my goodness. I LOVE the title in the Brothers page, that is so so so fun. I love your style!! Please, post more often!!

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Wonderful pages!!! Your pages are always so different from each other yet ALL so terrific!! You rock! I have to run but I will check out your gallery when I'm back on Biggrin

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love these! that "busted" one is awesome!!!!!!!!

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love them all. Your second pg reminds me of something similar that my two kiddos do. Thanks for reminding me to scrap that.

Great job and yes post more often

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Yes, I am a HUGE fan of yours Kelly. Your pages are awesome! I love that first one the boyish, yet so sweet. Great job on them all though, they are all so good. I love the brothers story sweet.

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Those are all really nice! I love how they look. My favorite is the first, second and third one Wink ok, so yea, I couldn't pick! I will have to go check out your gallery.

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Those are adorable!
I just added them all to my scraplift folder;) I especially love the first and third. The elements are so cute on the third one (my brother is getting his criminal justice degree this spring). Where did you find them?

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Ooooooooooooh, all of these are great!

I think there is a general consensus that "we like your style" AND "please share more!"

Seriously, love the alpha on page 2 - all three pages are wonderful though. TFS!

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i just LOVE the brothers and friends page!!!! its too cute!!!
you're pages are always awesome!!

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I always love all your pages, and these are no exception. I really love that Busted page - cute title, I'm totally stealing it!