She got it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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She got it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jasmin got the job for American Girl!!!!!!!! I posted a few days ago that we had a shoot with them and a meeting. Well, I had no clue how it went cause they only let Jasmin in the room. I was getting kinda nervous cause is was not just Jasmin they were meeting with but a bunch of girls.
I asked Jasmin how it went and she sais "good" I was like Jasmin give me some details and she tells me ?'s they asked her but sais " I don't know mom I forgot but they were cool" meanwhile i'm going crazy but did not let her see that. Well today i'm on the phone with dh and I get call waiting and I see it sais Ford Models. I instantly start screaming cause i'm thinking they would not call to tell me she did not make it. (Or atleast I was hoping the would not) Well I switched lines and sure enough it was Ford saying she got the job!!! I yelled OMY GOSH ARE YOU SERIOUS! I fell dumb that I yelled but oh well I was excited. After all driving to Madison was crazy! My mom could not sit for my other kids at the last minute cause she got sick so I drove 2 hours with Jazz, my four year old and my newborn. I was starting to think is this even worth it but, I guess it was.
The job is next week so I will post pics if I can sneek any thanks for sharing in my excitment!!!

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Yahoo That's great! How exciting!!!!

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WOW!!! That's so awesome!!!! (I wish there was Ford models around here...) Wink I can feel the excitement in your post!! CONGRATS Jazz!! (Is she wicked excited?!?!)

(Sorry if this sounds stupid, but please tell me.. what is American Girl?)

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Oh wow. Thats fantastic!!!! I bet she's over the moon.

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How exciting Congrats to her!

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Yup! She was screaming (almost as loud as me lol)
American girl is a line of historical dolls. They each have a their own story. The have an American Girl store and resturant that you can take your doll to. Jasmin will be made up to be one of these dolls. They match little girls to be the human version of the doll. The girl who modeled for the doll kit made a movie that is nationwide. We are giong to take Jazz to the theater tonight to see the movie. The dolls are kinda expensive around 100 to 200 dollars for one but I have to get the one she is modeling. Also American Girl has a website so she could also be on that. YAY!!!!!

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So which one is she going to be?

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OH!!! Ok, I know what you mean now! That's so awesome!!

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That is amazing!!!!!! WTG GIRL!!!!!! When I was little I read every single American Girl book they had out and LOVED them.

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WTG Jasmin!!! That's so exciting! KUP!!

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YAH! THAT IS SO COOL!!!! Congrats girly (and Mom!) :D!!! :bigarmhug:

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That's so great! I was thinking about you this morning and wondering...

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Yay thats great, congrats!!!

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YAY good for her!!!

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That is so awesome!
I actually have 4 of the dolls;)

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that is awesome!!!! I bet you're so proud. and I can't wait to see pictures!!

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That's just AWESOME! CONGRATS to Jazz! Biggrin

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I'm a WI girl and grew up with American Girl. I read all the books available at the time (So only Kristin, Molly, and Samantha and at the very end of my age level Felicity came out). I had 2 American Girl catalogs that were kept in pristine condition as I would carefully page through them as dream about which doll I'd get if we had the money for one, which is huge considering that I hated dolls.

I'm so excited to say that I "know" one of the girls who gets to be one of the characters now. Smile

TFS. This made my day.

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Yahoo Congrats! That's exciting news!

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That is so cool! Wow!

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Oh, I am sooooo excited for her. I can't wait to see some pics.

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That's great, congrats!!