She's Got Style LO

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She's Got Style LO

Best Christmas present ever -- a 4 hour nap from DD! LOL We actually had to go up and wake her for fear that she wouldn't go to bed tonight. But I got a few pages finished while she napped. Wink I posted one in the green/red challenge.

This isn't my favorite, but it was a cute pic I really wanted to do a page of. Any cc would be welcome.

Per Trina's suggestion, how about the title in orange? And boy that was a tough orange to try to duplicate (I'm still not sure it's perfect, but close enough)! I adjusted the location and size of the font as well.

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Great LO!!! Love the colors and the simplicity of it. Smile

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If it were me, I'd try to get the "She's Got" to stand out a little more. Otherwise I agree with Carrie- the colors are great and it looks REALLY nice. Smile

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That is too cute! I agree about the color of the 'she's got' - maybe try the orange from the bottom stripes there, it would stand out better against the background. LOVE how you did the 'y' kinda slanted there, adds 'personality' to the title, iykwim!

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I like it. It stands out better now with the orange.

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i think its adorable!

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Very cute!! I like it better with the orange ... you can read it better.

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That's just so cute! The title is perfect...creative!

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Adorable layout! I love the bright letters in your title. Caleigh must have slept for Miles yesterday with that nap, he hardly slept at all!

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I love the colors! Your DD is such a cutie.

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love the orange

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So cute! I like the orange better too!

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I love the tropical colors, and I agree... the orange stands out. Very nice!

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Looks GREAT! Love how you added the orange title!

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oh, I dig the orange! nice layout, very spunky. Wink