shirt and onesies

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shirt and onesies

Hi everyone! Haven't had much time to craft lately, but I forced myself to take a nesting, stressing, etc. time out to work on some shirts. I had these designed in my gypsy for several weeks, and I cut out the freezer paper to iron on the shirts a few days ago. Today I ironed on the freezer paper and painted them. I had to pick graphics that were simple, b/c it is hard to paint on things with lots of layers. All graphics were from paper dolls (I forget if everyday paper dolls or paper doll dress up)... and since those cuts just have very little detail, I freehanded the details. In hindsight, I should have made the frog have a happier looking face Lol But I painted it as it was on the cut....anyway, here they are...

Onesie for baby boy (opposites attract font)

Shirt and Onesie for Nathan and "baby brodder" (Life is a beach font)

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Those look great!

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those are so cute!!!!!

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These are great! Can I please steal your idea? My sister is expecting her second in March and this would be the perfect gift. Smile

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Ok, remind me again how I can do this. Smile I'm in awe of how cute these are!!! And I was just about to spend money and order some onesies on Etsy for Cohen's first birthday! I'd looove to make them!!!

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So adorable Lauren! TFS