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Shoesies LO

I've been sloooowly working through an online scrapping class by Shimelle called Love Your Photos, Love Your Pages. It's fab! The first time i have ever done something like that, but i'm really enjoying it! I don't have much time for scrapping at the moment, but it has helped me to make time iykwim. I'm still miles behind everyone else though. I'm in the middle of week 1 and we're now at the end of week 3. There's loads of people just the same though and only just starting too.

Has anyone done a Shimelle class (or similar) before?

Anyhoo, here's the LO i did for one of the prompts about including a supporting still life photo. It's also based on a sketch from that prompt.

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I have never done that online class before, but I do love how it's allowing us to see a page from you. Smile So beautiful Sarah. LOVE it. The elements on your pages are alwasy so neat, and things I don't normally see. Great work!!

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That is a beautiful LO! I have never heard of that class.

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That is great! I love Shimelle!! I did one of her art journal classes and it was wonderful. I loved what I did and I still love that journal! I might take one of her classes again soon!

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I have never heard of that before. I will have to go check it out.

I absolutely LOVE this page. It is beautiful!

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Angie, i've never tried art journalling. I daren't in case i like it too much!! I barely have enough time for scrapping as it is!! Lol

Thanks for the nice comments girls. Smile

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what a great layout! I've done one online class, but it was digital and wasn't really specifically scrapbooking. But I know what you mean about being behind the timeline.

I loved the journaling with your layout ... and it reminded me of Jack and his shoes. I so should do a similar one for him!

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Aww cute!! What a little sweetheart she is Biggrin And that's a GORGEOUS page Sarah!!

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This is beautiful Sarah!

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This is STUNNING. STUNNING, stunning, stunning.