shopping list for class

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shopping list for class

Well I think I have the next class so I wanted to add this before hand. I will be posting two pages. One that is easier and one that is harder. If you will be doing the easier page can you order a 5x7 print . You will also need 3 more prints that go with the 5x7 which can be wallet size or 3 1/2 x5 but those you can easily crop from a 4x6 photo. The 5x7 should be horizontal as well as the other pics. You could also use vertical but the other kind is easier. The only other thing will be ribbon or fiber you pick.You need just enough to go across a 12x 12 page. Very cheap to get a yard from walmart. For the harder class just 4x6 pics will work.

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oooh, you have me curious. Wink Can't wait to see it! And thanks for the heads-up.

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sounds good. When are you starting this? I was planning on printing for the vc, but I can print before if needed.

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I have to do a soccer layout ... and have pictures that meet your description. Wink Think that will work? I mean, soccer with what you have planned? (girls soccer, I already did Andrew's)