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Short vent

This year, I have been gradually been getting more and more frustrated with my computer. It just does not have the processing speed to digitally scrapbook. Just getting to the "save as" page takes me several minutes. DH got so frustrated waiting last night that he closed the computer and walked away which meant that I had to start all over. He was supposed to buy me a new computer in June. Now I'm supposed to get one for Christmas, but as I know, we don't have the money. Ugh! It is just so hard, especially now when I'm behind and want to work fast but literally can not. That combined with DH resenting my time on the computer is really getting me down.

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Ugh. That's never any fun.

Could a Black Friday sale help you out any?

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Yes, that's not fun Sad I agree with Mish - could a black friday sale help? You could get something for 50% off or more ...

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UGH!!! I understand your pain girl. I am sorry to hear you can't afford a new one right now...hoping something opens up for you. Big hugs!!

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Maybe an external drive might help you store some of the digital stuff so it doesn't slow down your computer too much. I find when I have a lot of music and pics saved on the computer, it starts acting up and i know it's time to transfer. It would be cheaper to get an external drive rather than a new computer. As far as time, I understand how DH's reaction can be a bummer. Mine did the same thing back at the beginning of the summer and so I stopped for a while. Problem is, I can't seem to get my mojo back. Maybe a scheduled night every other week or something will give you uninterrupted time will let you stay caught up and give him some free time with you. Maybe every once in a while you can pop on and mess around but save your marathon sessions for when he can plan around them. I find it easier to do my activities on Sundays because DH watches football and likes to be lazy so I have his help with the kid.

Either way, I'm sorry you're a bit down.

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Yeah you've got to save some of those files on to another drive, that way it would work alot faster. Anything that you can afford to get off the computer will help to relive it a bit.

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:bigarmhug: big hugs to you hun. Hope things get back to normal for you soon

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ugh, vent away! That would be very discouraging! I hope you can find some short solution, that will work temporarily until you can get another PC. I saw some computer on a Black Friday ad for like $398....let me see if I can find it again.... hugs!