Shower thank you cards

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Shower thank you cards

I may be weird but I want to use black, white, and red for the baby shower. The baby room has ladybugs so I want to keep that theme. My g'ma thinks its strange to not do pink, but I don't care. Smile

So, here's what I came up with for thank you cards. I started with those b/c they seemed easier than the invites (which I plan to make too).

What do you think? I didn't want to get to complicated b/c I need alot of them.

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Those are so stinkin cute!!!! Black/White/Red is my favorite color combo!

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I think they're gorgeous! Smile

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Those are definitely NOT simple Kelly! LOVE them!!! Awwww..

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I don't think it's weird to not do pink! They are really cute, and I agree with Carrie...not simple!

Don't know if you already have a plan for the invites, but maybe you could say something like "welcoming a special little lady" or "welcome to a new little lady." I am sleepy right now and I can't figure out the best way to word it, but hopefully you kwim! Smile

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I love the color scheme. It may not be traditional but it also isn't particularly weird or out of the box IMO. The thank you cards are stinking cute too. I can't wait to see pics of the shower, I bet it will be amazing.

Oh and I love Katie P's idea about "little lady" on the invites or whatever else it fits on since it ties in the theme so nicely.

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those are completely adorable.... i was definitely thinking go with the little lady or something like "our little lovebug"

I love the red/black/white combo. didn't u want to discourage the overly pink stuff ne way? Thought i read months ago that it was the reason for choosing red in your nursery since u didn't want really pink stuff.

anyway those are great and definitely not weird and.....


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those look awesome!! i love the color combo! i also really like katie's idea about using something along the lines of little lady!

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those look great!!!!!! I love the theme, your gma is nuts!

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I didn't do pink for my girls. Those are absolutely adorable. I love them and would totally use them myself!!!!

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Thanks girls... I'm working on the invites next so I'll let you see them when I'm done.

Today I went to a sewing class and made 2 dresses. I found some really small b&w gingham and made a dress out of the that. I'm going to embroider some ladybugs on it for the shower!!!! Smile

DH reminded me last night that nothing by way of us becoming parents has been "normal" so why should the shower theme be? He's right- I like living outside the box!!

One day closer to being a mommy!!

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COMPLETELY adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love them so much because they are NOT pink! LOL!!

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i think its just fine that its not pink.

I'd say something along the lines of introducing our ladybug....

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Those are soooo adorable Kelly!!! I am really with you on the pink thing! Sometimes it can be tooooo much! I love black and red! Those are just darling!

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those are cute and definitely girly without being pink. so often baby girl showers and things get crazy with pink. I think my SIL's shower invites had a lady bug on them and said "A little lady is on the way" (of course your little lady will already be there when it is shower time, but you know...)

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Those are awesome!

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Oh I just love them! I really like how you are using your own personal style instead of the normal pink! Just perfect!!