showing his "manliness" question

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showing his "manliness" question

Ok, so i'm working on scrapping Brandon's birth story, and of course he is naked in most of them.... I'm not sure if i want or should cover his "little man" with a leaf or just leave it for all to see..... what do you think??? I don't want him to be totally embarrassed when he gets older as I want him to really appreciate all the love I put into making these pages for him... thoughts???

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Personally, I'd cover. I don't even put much of Andrea's bottom on pages. I want the book to be full of memories and no one to feel uncomfortable looking.

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I covered Noah's mostly because you never know who is printing them I feel more comfortable that way

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i think it would be a little awkward for him to be flipping through it with his girlfriend and there are pics of his parts Biggrin

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We normally tried to cover things before we even took the pictures, or just cropped them. I would try to cover so that everyone can enjoy looking at them without any embarassment. I would try not to make it to obvious though if you can.

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thanks for your input ladies.... i decided to cover it up with a leaf.

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"pickle in middle" wrote:

We normally tried to cover things before we even took the pictures, or just cropped them.

Us too.

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No experience with that here, but my mil keeps wanting to do naked pics of Kaitlyn ... if I didn't think they'd end up on the wall of her studio I'd let her. Can't wait to see the page!

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I only cover bigger boy pics, baby ones I never did. Once Z was 1 or so I started covering Wink I did scrap a very cute pic of DH in the bath and of course he was nakey, but like 4 yrs old so I covered it with an X sticker ROFL everyone who looks at it coments Wink They think its funny!