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Had some time and no inspiration for an actual LO, so I decided to play with some pictures and make a siggy pic. I've never done a collage like that for my siggy. I think I like it. What do you think?

oh yeah - Got it all from RAKScraps July freebie - they still have it posted until the end of the month.

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Perfect. I love it!

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I love it too!!!!

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It rocks!

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oh, that's so cute!

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very nice! And I love the envelope idea....scraplifting that Wink

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The envelopes are so cute! I might be stealing that for a page too! What a cute idea! Biggrin

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Here's a link if you want to get the envelopes

it is the part made by enableem (last one on first page of downloads)

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Really great, Carrie! Love the way the pix and the envelopes overlap. Sweet!

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