Sigh. . . time to go shopping

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Sigh. . . time to go shopping

So my camera is totally broken Sad time to find a replacement. I wanted a nicer one in a few months but a cheap one is all that is in the budget for now. That's OK though, as long as I have something. I decided to skip entering myself in the challenges bc the cell phone shots are pathetic but I will share soon enough.

Also speaking of shopping I want these sooooo badly:

There are a bunch of them:

I wonder how many 30+ % off coupons I can scrounge up.

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that stinks about the camera. when I was pregnant, I sat on my camera and crushed the LCD screen. so that was money I hadn't planned on spending. But I LOVE Canon's PowerShot SD cameras - totally recommend that if you're not going for a DSLR.

Those textures are cool! I have several scrapbooking things by Tim Holtz but I suck at using them.

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Oh no! So sorry about your camera. Sad Maybe you can find a cheap one on ebay or craigslist until you can afford a better one.

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Ack! That proper sucks!!

What are those things you so desire?

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"Uropachild" wrote:

Ack! That proper sucks!!

What are those things you so desire?

They are embossing folders for sissix machines. I already have the machine but my current embossing patterns aren't nearly as cool as these.

Gwen - I wish I was going for a DSLR but not yet, I will defintiely check out the canon.

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Those look really kewl! I want a sizzix now! Tim Holtz totally rocks. Sorry to hear about your camera. We just got the Nikon D5000 which we both absolutely love, specially being able to video record clearly as well.

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Those are embossing folders? Loooove them!! So gonna check those out on my friend and I's next order. Wink
Sorry about the camera! Sad BUMMER!!!!!

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I am in EXACTLY the same boat as you. Was hoping for a DSLR in a few years, but our 200 dollar camera just shot craps too. We had to use cell phones while on vacay. Sad I am going to check out the one Gwen recommended too. GL