Sisters layout

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Sisters layout

I didn't feel like scrapping last night, but then got this wordart in my email for the CT I'm on, and felt inspired, this is what I came up with. Not the most flattering picture of us (the big one), but it's the only recent one of the two of us that I could find. I'm on the right (in the photo - looking at it I'm on the left lol).

This is my sister and I thru the years.

I smile because you're my big sister.
I laugh because you can't do anything about it!
Love you sis!


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I love it! It's very sweet without being too girly. Actually, the lt. blue and red combo is currently one of my faves. I just redid my kitchen with that idea in mind.

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Saved that one. Wink You guys look so much alike! What a great LO Trina. I love how you put all the smaller pics on the larger one..I wish I had some small pics to do that with. Will try that someday. Great work!!

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That's so great! I love the idea of this! I want to lift this on a layout of Sarah and I. TFS

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that's fantastic! love the chronological pictures.

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Awesome! Love the idea. I will be lifting it too for sure!

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Great Idea I love it!

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I LOVE how you have childhood photos and then the main one is a recent one! This is so cute! I would love to do something like this for my sisters! TFS!

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Oh, that makes me smile. I just love that you used all those pictues, so special! Great layout too!

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That is so cute, I love those colors together. Great idea for a lo.

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I was just going to do a LO on my sister but got stuck and then I saw your post SCRAPLIFT ALERT! Great page