slacking on scrapping

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slacking on scrapping

So as most of you know we're crazy scrambling afte rour move trying to get everything in order for licensing to come check out our place for the daycare (they stay for ages and check everything under the sun so we are trying to think of ANYTHING they could pick on before they ever get here)...

I was missing scrapping and sharing lo's and cards on I was all excited when I found an hour to do the next card swap cards...was gonna come share and then remembered we keep them a surprise. whoops lol...I'll make sure the next thing I find time to scrap is something I can show you guys. lol

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Oh, I hope your visit turns out well and your new business flourishes! How exciting!

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Good luck with licensing. I know how picky they are about EVERYTHING. I hope you are able to catch everything before they come.

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Sounds like you are very busy. Hope the licensing goes great!!

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Good luck with passing the inspection.

And I've been majorly slacking on the scrapping as well.