Sleeping Beauty/Freckles Layouts

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Sleeping Beauty/Freckles Layouts

I've managed to get lots done this week, unusually (to the detriment of my laundry! :ROFL:)

Sleeping Beauty ... Not sure if I'm totally happy about this one ... I did it for a challenge at ScrapOrchard to use their new collab kit.

So Sunny - ScrapOrchard/Sunshine Girls Collab
Carefree Template - Taylormade
Magic Sparkles 3 - Anna Aspnes
Font - Stucco, Witched

And one about my mom - she used to HATE her freckles so much she tried to scrub them off with steel wool. I did this one in honor of her - plus I like the picture of her when she was younger. I did this for a challenge at Weeds & Wildflowers to use this template.

Welcoming Spring Kit - Gina Huff
Celebrating Color buttons - Gina Huff
Elegant Wordart by Bethany Harty
Template by LaughterQueen

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I love them BOTH! The sotry about your mum trying to scrub off her freckles makes me smile becuase my Aunt did the SAME thing! He dad used to call her Rusty Face and she HATED it!!!

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Cute pages! I really like the first LO - I am just not sure it goes with those pictures. The colors on the page are so bright and vibrant I think it would work better with fun, active pictures ykwim? Just my 2 cents for what its worth Smile

I love the second one - its a cute LO and the colors compliment the photo perfectly!

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very nice! Love the second one Biggrin And I love the paperclip look on the first one...has anyone tried that in paper scrapping?

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Those are all awesome! I love the sleeping one with the paper clips!

The freckle one is perfect! What a precious pic to use!

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I love both of these! I really like the kit from the first one. I usually go first for those kinds/colors of papers when I am buying!

I think that second one is great too. that is a great picture of your mom.

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Very cute, I love the pics of her!

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Wow! You're crankin' out the LOs this week!

I think Freckles is my favorite of the two, but they are both awesome LOs!

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oh, both are great! love the freckles layout, that's awesome! does your mom like it?

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I love them both. I really love the freckles quote. I always wanted freckles!

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Beautiful job!